概述general description
       无功功率自动补偿控制器是低压电容屏的配套产品,本公司根据不同用户的需求,成功地开 发了JKW5C、JKW2B、JKW5B、JKL58-5、JKL1BF等型号的智能化系列控制器;控制路数有4、6、8、10、12 不等。产品均采用微机控制,技术先进,功能完善,抗干扰能力强,运行稳定可靠,补偿精确,外型美观,是电容屏厂家首选的产品。
       The reactiv e power auto-comensation controller is the auxiliary product for low voltage capa citor screen. According to the different demands of users,the comp any developed successfully the JKW5C,JKG2B,JKGF, JKL58-5,JKLl BF etc typ es ofin telligent series ofcontrollers.Number of the channels controlled is 4,6,8,10 and 12 av ailable.All ofthese devices are controlled by the micro-computer.With the advanced technology,they have complete range of functions,rather storng antinterfer ence ability, stable and reliable operation,accurate compensation and novel a pearance, so they are the preferred products ofcapacitor screen manu facturers. 
    主要技术指标main techniqueindessign
    项目Items JKW2B、JKW5B JKLIBF JKW5C JKL58-5
    额定工作电压Ratedworkingvoltage 220±10%,50Hz 380±10%,50Hz 380±10% ,50Hz 380±10% ,50Hz
    电流取样输入Sampled contact capacity 交流AC li ≤ 5A 交流AC Ii ≤ 5A 交流AC li ≤ 5A 交流AC li ≤ 5A
    输出触点容量Output contact capacity 220V×5A.380V×3A 220V×5A,380V×3A 220V×5A,380V×3A 220V×5A,380V×3A
    介电强度Dielectric strength 交流AC 3000V 交流AC 3000V 交流AC 3000V 交流AC 3000V
    工作方式Working method 连续Continuous 连续Continuous 连续Conthmous 连续Continuous
    投入门限swiIhonthre shold COS Ф<0.93 >1.11c,<COSФ 预置pre set >1,11c,<cosФ 预置pre set >1.11c.<COSФ 预置pre set
    切除门限Swith offthre shold COSФ<0.98 >0.5Ic >0.5Ic >0.5Ic
    投切延时Swith time delay 10~90 秒可调Sad justable 10~100 秒可调Sad justable 10~100 秒可调Sad justable 10~99 秒可调Sad justable
    过压保护Over voltage protection 235~450V 可调Sad justable 400~440V 可调Sad justable 400~440V 可调Sad justable 410~440V 可调Sad justable
    Phase se quence ofsampling singal
    自动鉴别 Autom atic identifying 自动签别Autom atic identifying 自动签别 Autom atic identifying 自动签别Automatic idmfifying
    自检功能Self-checking function 有Yes 有Yes 有Yes 有Yes
    控制路数Chanles controlled 4,6,8,10,12 4,6,8,10,12 4,6,8,10,12 2,4,6,
    整机功率Over all weight 15W 10W 10W 7W
    整机重量Over all weight 1.8k 1.5kg 1.35kg 0.8kg
    安装开孔尺寸Size of mounting ghole 162×102 140×102 113×113 68×68

    使用条件 servicecondition
    1. 海拔高不超过2500 米
    2. 环境温度:-25℃ ~+40℃
    3. 相对湿度:40℃时,≤ 90%,20℃时,≤ 50%;
    4. 周围环境无腐蚀气体,无导电性尘埃,无易燃爆介质;
    5. 安装处无剧烈振动。
    1.Altitude not higher than 2500m;
    2.Ambient tempera ture:-25℃ ~+40℃ ;
    3.Relativ e humiduty:40℃ Hour, ≤ 90% ,20℃ Hour, ≤ 50% ;
    4.No stong mechanical vibration at installing place.No corrosiv egas,inductive dust,and inflammable and explosive media in the ambient environm ent;
    5.The mounting position should be protected a gainst violent vibration.

  • 问:质量怎么样?
  • 答:我们的产品经过国家电力电容器质量监督检测中心检测合格,并且是同行业中率先通过ISO90001:20000质量体 系认证的企业。
  • 问:电容器运行中会不会发生爆炸?
  • 答:只要严格安装说明书使用,安装电容器专用熔断器,爆炸就不会发生。
  • 问:公司规模如何?
  • 答:公司创建于1996年,注册资金550万,拥有标准厂房8000余平方米。
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